The building was constructed with 10″ pre-cast wall panels, significantly decreasing construction time. The walls boast 3″ rigid foam insulation core and a TPO roofing system which increase the insulation R-value and make the building more energy efficient. A brick-and-mortar appearance was achieved by giving the walls a two-tone finish. The windows feature spandrel glass and they have accent canopies overhead.

Where previously you would have found a two-door storefront vestibule now you see a single storefront door with air curtain that conditions the entrance between indoor and outdoor temperatures. This makes for a better customer experience and creates a cleaner, simpler look.

Westwind worked closely with our client to incorporate some unique design choices into the building while still remaining “on brand” for Dollar General. The result is a modern, energy-efficient store that attracts customers and blends nicely with its surroundings.

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