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New Construction

We understand choosing the right site location is critical to the success of your business. Our team has a proven track record of identifying locations which best suit your needs based on demographics, traffic studies, and zoning requirements. We deliver move-in ready spaces for national account clients by applying our customized project delivery method – Design-Build/Build-to-Suit.

This approach allows us to lead every step of design development to ensure our client’s national brand standards are upheld perfectly, creating a seamless and efficient construction process to meet any budget.


Tenant Build Out

Not everyone can afford to build from the ground up. Through our design-build experience, we customize plans provided by your national franchise to build within your budget, time constraints, and size of space. This process has proven successful in allowing our clients to open on a fast track while keeping with the brand requirements of the national franchise.

Our experience in value engineering is unmatched. Drawing on decades of experience with dynamic build-out projects, we work tirelessly to create environments centered around how our clients will utilize, grow, and evolve within that space.


Hungry Howie’s

Rebranding / Remodeling

We understand that as times change, your space will need updates. With Westwind’s proven process, we can make those improvements while minimizing disruptions to your business during construction.

We accomplish this with a great deal of pre-planning as well as leveraging our relationships with trade contractors to perform the necessary work outside of business hours.

This process helps to ensure that your business revenue streams are not negatively impacted.


Site Inspections

The Westwind Inspection team inspects current properties as well as potential acquisition properties for our clients. This allows our clients to know what type of preventative maintenance they may need as well as what the potential liabilities are with new and existing locations.

By engaging our team on the front end of acquisitions, we provide our clients with valuable information so they know what to expect before closing a deal.

Our clients have found this service to be invaluable as it has helped them to negotiate better pricing on potential locations and has helped them to plan for future expenses related to the property.


Dollar General

In working with Dollar General for almost 20 years, Westwind has constructed stores that are aesthetically appealing on the outside and customer-friendly on the inside. The relationship blends Dollar General’s well-known brand with Westwind’s industry expertise to create reliable and recognizable storefronts. This Holland Dollar General on Adams Street is no different, except for a few unique features that give it a custom look and feel.


Address: 9570 Adams Street, Zeeland, MI 49464
Function: Retail store
Completion Date: July 2019
Size: 9,590 square feet

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