In 2001, Westwind’s founder, Greg Oleszczuk, purchased the former home of Challenge Machinery. His vision was to redevelop the brownfield site for commercial and industrial use. Fifteen years later that dream became a reality beginning with the GlasSource project.

Before construction could begin, Westwind worked with local and state government entities to secure funding for road improvements that would support the new business development and expansion. The original U-shaped building was split into two separate buildings, resulting in two distinct projects for Westwind.

In the office space, we took great care to showcase the original elements of the building, such as preserving the hardwood floors, exposing the centuries-old wooden beams, and repurposing the exterior metal door. We also updated the building’s industrial space to provide room for the client’s manufacturing process. Ultimately, GlasSource was pleased to partner with us as we reimagined the space and turned a languishing building into a local gem.

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We listen carefully to our clients and then work to achieve their vision using comprehensive planning and precision building.

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