Westwind faced unique utility challenges for the Motion Dynamics project. While the site had access to municipal water, it was not connected to a municipal sewer system. At the time of initial construction, the septic system was substantial enough to support the business, however, as the client has expanded, they have outgrown the system’s capacity.

After assessing the situation and looking at long-term plans for Motion Dynamics, we’ve begun facilitating conversations with the client and township to bring municipal septic to the site. This installation will position our client, as well as the surrounding businesses, for further economic growth and development within Fruitport Township.

After the client moved into the space, an increase in volume for their manufacturing process created humidity problems. To address this, we installed additional industrial dehumidifiers. We also took measures to contain wet areas and control both temperature and humidity.

In the end, the client was happy with our quick resolution to issues as they arose and is currently working with us on expansion plans.

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“The owner, Greg Oleszczuk, has been very upfront with his opinions and concerns as we developed the project. I appreciate that he did not take the approach of telling me what I wanted to hear, but rather shared his thoughts about the project, what added value, what should be looked at for alternatives, and then supported his team the entire time. As issues arose during the construction, the first thing Greg thought about was making the project right for us.”

Chris Witham, President
Motion Dynamics Corporation

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