A growing city with a need for retail space brought developers to Westwind. We worked as partners to create a multi-functional space for a variety of businesses. The design is thoughtfully planned with a steel structure that allows for a second story to be added.

The exterior features contemporary concrete, along with traditional brick and turn-of-the-century lighting, creating the perfect blend with the existing downtown. The building also is outfitted with metal canopies to provide long-lasting protection for the entrance of each business, while maintaining a modern look.

Since the original construction, Westwind has had the opportunity to work with tenants to reimagine their space to better accommodate their needs.  This has included building a drive-through for Biggby and assisting ¡Pruébelo! to maximize their space by adding loft seating for patrons.

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We are passionate about creating buildings that work for our clients now and in the future.

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