After purchasing the former home of Challenge Machinery, our founder, Greg Oleszczuk, set out to redevelop the brownfield site for commercial and industrial use. The original U-shaped building was split into two separate buildings, resulting in two distinct projects – GlasSource and a multi-tenant space for Charter Spectrum, Transnation Title Company and Westwind.

One of the key elements of this historic renovation was maintaining the integrity of the functioning freight elevator, which included preservation of the original motor components. While maintaining the  character of the building, it was important to modernize it in both form and function. We transformed the original wooden beams into feature walls throughout the space.

We also preserved the original manufacturing pulley systems and sandblasted the brick and wood to appear as they once were. A state-of-the-art solar panel system sits on the roof, generating up to 30 kilo watt per hour of solar energy.  The result of all the hard work is a beautiful space that allows the hidden details of the historic building to shine through.

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“With this project, Westwind felt the responsibility to preserve a century’s old craftsmanship while creating a dynamic, relevant environment and building momentum into the 21stcentury. The new design captures the essence of who we are culturally as a developer and general contractor. The execution reflects the pride, workmanship and commitment of our talented tradespeople, while respecting the work of the trades from a different era.”
—Greg Oleszczuk, President

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