What I love about Westwind – I love a lot of things about Westwind, but two big things come to mind right away.  I love the collaborative environment where all team member work together towards a common goal.  If someone needs a hand with something, one or more team members will be there immediately.  Secondly, I love the diversity of projects in which Westwind gets involved.  Whether its an 80,000 square foot industrial building . . .  a 400 unit apartment community . . .  all the way down to a 900 square foot pizza joint, Westwind has been there and done that.

Favorite thing about the job – I didn’t know it when I was in private practice, but, I really enjoy being involved in the building of stuff.  Real estate development and construction is very rewarding can you can eventually see all the fruits of your labor in the form of buildings and projects.  That’s one of the favorite parts of my job.