Westwind is a fast-growing company with a dynamic workplace culture. Our founder and president, Greg Oleszczuk, is passionate about what he does, and his drive is contagious throughout the company. Whether you’re sitting in an office or perfecting your trade on a jobsite, we are looking for team members who like to challenge themselves and be on the cutting edge of their profession.


If you see ways to grow at Westwind, or new opportunities to pursue that aren’t within your job description, we encourage you to embrace those ambitions. We know initiative is key – making our company stronger and our employees more fulfilled in their work.

“We are authentic. We’re going to tell you the truth. And we’re going to come up with creative solutions for your different problems or needs.”

“We welcome the client to be part of the team throughout the process.”

“A lot of bigger firms focus more on production and output, whereas here, I think we’re much more focused on the people and the process.”

“It is a small business atmosphere but we do big things together as a team.”

As a company with a bright future ahead, Westwind offers a stable and exciting workplace. We’re looking for highly motivated team members who are passionate and driven to excel, both personally and professionally. Westwind has a successful team with deep roots, a strong and exciting vision, and a culture and work environment that is unsurpassed in the Midwest.

To learn more about career opportunities with Westwind, contact Sarah Fuhs.

Current Openings

  • Senior Accountant

    Westwind Construction is growing and is seeking a Senior Accountant to join our team. We stand out from other construction management firms because we invest ourselves emotionally in our projects and become an advocate for our client’s vision. We are … Continued

  • Web Developer Intern

    Westwind Construction is seeking a Web Developer Intern to join our team. This internship has the flexibility to be full time during the summer and then scale back during the school year to accommodate classes. There is strong potential for … Continued