New Multi-Family Living Coming to Traverse City Through Home Grown Collaboration

TRAVERSE CITY. – Work has begun on Trailside45, a new budget conscious apartment community initiated by Midwest Property Development, Inc. and built by Westwind Construction, a West Michigan commercial construction company with close family ties to the Grand Traverse region.

As a catalyst for economic growth and community development, TraverseCONNECT has partnered with Midwest Property Development and Westwind Construction to make Trailside45 a reality.

Located at Boyd and Garfield, the property takes up 1.7 acres of long-time vacant land in the heart of Traverse City. Trailside45 will have a total of 74 residential units and will feature modern amenities consistent with urban living, offering a welcoming community environment for young professionals and others in the community in need of affordable housing.

Trailside45 was named in recognition of its close proximity to the Traverse Area Recreation Trail, which runs adjacent to the development, making it convenient for residents of the new development to bike or walk to the downtown district. Residents will be able to avoid the growing traffic congestion and easily enjoy the numerous amenities available in the surrounding area.

Midwest and Westwind are currently building a larger multi-family housing project, Ridge45, in Garfield Township on LaFranier Rd.

Midwest Property Development, in collaboration with TraverseCONNECT and Chemical Bank, looks forward to building Trailside45 within the city limits. The Grand Traverse area continues to see a widening gap between income levels and affordable home values, in addition to increases in rent and a significant lack of local and affordably priced rental options. TraverseCONNECT and its partners believe Trailside45 will help to address this need.

“We want to be more than just an advocate for reasonably priced housing within Traverse City’s city limits,” TraverseCONNECT’s CEO Doug Luciani said. “With a unique collaboration between Chemical Bank, Midwest Property Development, Inc., Westwind Construction, and TraverseCONNECT, we are able to be an equity partner, helping to make possible the new Trailside45 multi-family housing development.”

TraverseCONNECT is working with financial and development partners to address bottlenecks in Traverse City’s economic growth without dependence on public incentives whenever possible. Trailside45 will be built without public financing, offering multi-family housing at the most affordable rates possible. The development is the result of leaders deciding to act and work together for the betterment of their community.

Midwest has begun construction of Trailside45 and plans to have the first units ready for occupancy in early 2018. Company principals Greg Oleszczuk, Peter Oleszczuk, and Scott Knowlton – as well as the rest of the development team – are excited to be part of an effort to develop budget conscious housing that will meet the needs of the community and the region.

“The development of Trailside45 will bring a new standard for multi-family housing development to Traverse City, with forward-thinking amenities that will be second to none,” said Scott Knowlton, Vice-President and General Counsel for Midwest and Westwind. “Innovations such as indoor bike storage areas, movable kitchen islands, contemporary floor finishes, cabinetry, and state-of-the-art heating and cooling systems will be some of the features of living at Trailside45.” Knowlton worked and partnered with Luciani of TraverseCONNECT in order to make Trailside45 a reality.

Westwind Construction – with the more recent expansion and establishment of Midwest Property Development – has designed and built commercial, industrial, and residential structures for over 40 years. Based in Spring Lake, MI, their developments can be found all over the Midwest.

“Westwind and its property management arm will be more than just a developer in the region; our goal is to become part of the Grand Traverse civic and social community fabric for the long term,” said Peter Oleszczuk, Vice President of Construction for Westwind.

“This ‘roll up your sleeves and get the job done’ approach exemplifies the spirit and culture of TraverseCONNECT and its partners,” said Luciani. “Trailside45 is an example of what is possible here and is the tip of the spear of what is to come. The people who will be living at Trailside45 are going to love this new housing opportunity.”

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