Westwind a Key Player in Muskegon County Growth

Muskegon Area First (MAF) Economic Development Corporation recently released its 2018/2019 Annual Report, and there’s a lot to celebrate. Muskegon is poised to remain a popular hub for the manufacturing industry, and other industries such as agrifood, healthcare, and aerospace/defense are solidifying their presence in the area as well. Seven large companies invested nearly $34 million in Muskegon County during the 2018/2019 timeframe. Of these seven companies to build or expand, three of them partnered with Westwind in the construction process: Renishaw, Motion Dynamics, and Blue Photon.

To get a better grasp of the significance of Westwind’s involvement in this growth, let’s dissect the numbers. Of the $34 million of growth that MAF cited in their Annual Report, Westwind’s clients account for $11.95 million (or 35%). Of the 200 new jobs that will be created by this growth, 127 (64%) of them will be with Westwind’s clients. The combined square footage that Westwind built for Renishaw, Motion Dynamics, and Blue Photon totals 94,680 square feet which is 41% of the new square footage for all seven companies.

Westwind’s three projects noted in the Annual Report are manufacturing facilities. Renishaw’s 52,000 square-foot manufacturing and engineering facility features a highly energy-efficient, brightly lit, thoughtfully detailed workplace. Incorporated into the design is a 150kW roof-top solar array, onsite water features, an outdoor patio area, and the latest technology in indoor air management and power distribution. Motion Dynamics contracted with Westwind to add a 28,000 square-foot expansion onto their 40,000 square-foot medical device manufacturing facility that Westwind custom-designed for them in 2015. Blue Photon will use its 14,680 square-foot production facility to manufacture photo-activated “workholding” adhesive systems used by companies such as Lockheed Martin, GE Aviation, and Apple Inc.

To say that Westwind is proud to be such an integral part of the growth and development of Muskegon County is an understatement. As a family-owned company, we strive to improve the communities in which we work with every relationship we form and every building we create. We take great pride in knowing that we have created office and manufacturing spaces in which Muskegon-area businesses can achieve success and, in the process of doing so, employed countless skilled tradespeople who likely reside in and around Muskegon County. Our motto of “Build Momentum” applies to not only the success of our clients but also to the neighborhoods, cities, and counties in which we build.

*Infographic created by Muskegon Area First